KUST President prof Dr. Salahaddin, along with Vice President of Admin and Finance prof. Dr Kawa visited exam halls to oversee and monitor exam procedures.

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On Sunday 7th January, KUST President prof Dr. Salahadin, along with Vice President of admin and finance prof. Dr Kawa visited exam halls to oversee and monitor exam procedures.  This was followed by a routine visit to the exam committee and other offices

Welcoming KUST New Students to the Family

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KUST community warmly welcomed the new students on December 24th, 2017. At first prof. Dr. Salahaddin Saeed Ali president of KUST delivered a speech to them and he stated the importance of enriching knowledge and improving skills regarding to ethic standards, and then some chairpersons introduced themselves with showing their cooperation in advance with all students. Next Mr. Shkar Azad from office of student affairs shared some information about what they need regarding to class schedule, and all normal student procedures. Then student council introduced themselves by the KUST student council president, Mr. Rezhwan Mariwan.  At the end of the welcome meeting  package, and after Center of Intensive English Program (CIEP) also introduced them by Dr. Zanyar Faiaq, the Academic Instructions for Foundation Year were explained.

Elected Students Council Meet President

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The newly elected members of the Student Council met with Prof. Dr. Salahalddin Saeed Ali, KUST President on December 6th, 2017. He thanked them to step-in to serve the University, in general, and students, in particular during the present academic year, 2017-2018. The Council members agreed to serve in different committees, which aim to develop services in the University. Dr. Ali welcomed Mr. Rezhwan Mariwan, Elected President of SC, and informed him that he will serve in the University Council as a member and he will participate in meetings which are related to students’ affairs.

Dr. Ali pointed out the importance of engaging students in different activities and helping the administration to enhance the quality of education at KUST.

Student Council Election Results Announced

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Komar University of Science and Technology held its two-day period online Student Council Elections on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. The electorate gathered in the auditorium hall and Mr. Bamo Nadir, Director of Student Affairs and Registration Office announced the final result of the election; Mr. Rezhwan Mariwan was selected as Elected President of Student Council for 2017- 2018. Mr. Mariwan gave his speech after his historical winning by only one extra vote deference with his colleague competitor Mr. Meer Aso. Later Ms. Lawen Abdullah, Legal Councilor of the Election Committee emphasized on legitimacy of the election results. Lastly, Dr. Kawa Qaradaghi, Vice President for Admin and Finance stated his congrats to the newly Elected Student Council and their importance roles with greater responsibilities toward KUST Students are waiting for them.

The elected candidates are:

Rezhwan Mariwan (Elected President of SC)

Baban Abu-Bakir (College of Business Elected Representative)

Midya Adul-Qadir (College of Engineering Elected Representative)

Ahmed Mohammed (College of Science Elected Representative)

Congratulations to all and we wish the best. 

Student Council Speech Campaign Is Started

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Komar University of Science and Technology lets the student-nominees who were elected to be a member of KUST student council to have their first speech on November 29th, 2017.

At the beginning of the campaign, the KUST president Prof. Dr. Salahaddin Saeed had his speech then he stated the importance of student council and the potential that the Komar students have regarding to other university in addition. After that Mr. Bamo Nadir director of student registration illuminated the election procedures and categories that allow the students to be nominees.

Then the nominees started to have their speech from the student council president list to some departments in order.


President Nominees were:

A. Didar Abdalwahab

B. Meer Aso

C. Rezhwan Mariwan

D. Zhirko Sirwan

College of Business Nominee was:

A. Baban Abubakr:

College of Engineering Nominee was:

A. Midya Abdulqadr

College of Science Nominees were:

A. Ahmed Mohammed

B. Akram Qadir

C. Shad Salar

Lastly all by delivering wishes to the candidates best of luck.

KUST Student Achieved to Get the 3rd Place in Recycled Art Competition

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Komar University of Science and Technology Students were actively participating in different competitions at National and International level. Recently RWANGA AWARD 2017 were announced and KUST students participated in this competition by 4 projects in 3 different categories namely (Recycled Art, photography and Short story). Out of many submitted projects for Recycled Art, one of the students from Civil Engineering Department (Drud Muhammed) got the 3rd place in the competition on November 23,2017.

The aim of Recycled Art Catagory is to show the ability and skills of those youth who produce their artworks from waste materials in purpose of protect and preserve the environment.

Proudly, KUST faculty member, Mr. Twana A. Tahir was one of selected and respectful judges.

KUST would like to congratulate “Drud” for his great achievement and wishing him all the best for future competitions.

KUST in Cooperation with Gardenia Celebrated World Vegan Day

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Children fighting cancer, environmental protection and personal health were three of several reasons residents food fundraising and planting trees on Wednesday in honor of World Vegan Day 2017. Komar University of Science and Technology community; students, faculty members,  KUST  staff   and    members of   Gardenia   employees   were  the  participants of  the  Vegan event.

Roza Shorsh Ali's (the top GPA university student) Speech.

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"Dears, families, guests, lecturers, staff, students, and graduating class of 2017, welcome to the first graduation ceremony of Komar University.

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to be standing here addressing you all today. Before I begin, I want to acknowledge our brave peshmarga’s, and not just them, but their families and every Kurd for the strength and patriotism that we continue to show regardless of what is being thrown our way. I hope that each one of us look up to and learn from the peshargma’s selflessness, persistence, and courage. And we do not allow the suffering, hard work, and lives lost over the past few years to go to waste.

One of our wisest teachers at the end of each semester would tell us business students, “The only thing distinguishing the students from the teachers are these 4 walls, where you have to sit and learn, and I have to stand and teach. And I’m know outside of these 4 walls I would be the one learning from you.” University graduation is one of the major milestones of our lives and we could not have achieved this goal without the efforts and support from our loyal lecturers, university staff, and our families, for without them none of us would be here today, wearing these gowns, and receiving our diplomas. I want to give a special thanks to our families, who tried hard despite every struggle, and have supported us till this day, and for loving us unconditionally.

A University degree is a wonderful tool in this world, one that opens many doors of opportunity. With everything that is going on in Kurdistan now and has been going on for the past few years, it may difficult to look forward to the future and be optimistic, but let us all take this personal success as an example of how anything is truly possible when we put our minds to it.

In the words of Kofi Annan, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Let us all continue progressing in our lives knowing that we have achieved great heights and are equipped with the necessary tools to tackle what lies ahead. The road that lies ahead won’t be easy but nothing worthwhile really is. Our current situation doesn’t mean we give up on ourselves but rather that we should keep pushing. At a time where our country is experiencing immense loss and tragedy, it is even more important for us as the next generation to continue with our education so that one day we will be able to become a leading force in this country and propel into something greater, and let us also acknowledge, that all of us graduates have enormous potential to contribute to taking mankind forward. Each and every one of you have greatness in you. Do not let the circumstances that we have endured define you or your future.

I know it is exciting to leave behind the emotional rollercoaster and torture of studying for exams and stressing over grades, and of course every student’s favourite, registration day: one of the most dreadful procedures. And because we were the first groups of students to attend this university, naturally we were subjected to all of their shortcomings.

Having come through many obstacles that university has thrown our way, we may think that we have reached our capacity to meet challenges. Yet, we can always be reminded by looking up and digging deep in the most testing circumstances, that our capacity to rise to a challenge is limitless. We are young, full of talent, and determined: it is our time to shine.

As we leave Komar University and begin the next phase of our lives I hope that we can leave behind any bad memories that we may have and cherish all the good that came out of our time here and that we all take away not just academic excellence and real world skills, but many treasured memories, experiences, and friendships. May we remember that our knowledge is useless unless we do good that we know and know that though we have worked hard and done well, our best work still lies ahead.

Graduation should not be an end goal in itself, this step gives each of us new opportunities to continue evolving and to learn new skills that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. And all accomplishments we achieve during this journey of life should be taken as starting points for further achievements.

I want to say the sky is the limit, but we have landed on the moon and there is talk of living on Mars, so no, even the sky isn’t the limit. Our time as students was never solely for academia or achievement, but also to find ourselves. As the great Martin Luther King once stated: “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”.

Dear guests, once again I give you my warmest welcomes, and to the graduates of 2017, you are the FIRST graduates of Komar University and in future years ours will be the shoulders that future graduates stand upon, congratulations and best of luck to you all. Thank you."

The First Graduation Commencement of Komar University

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On October 21st , Komar University of Science and Technology conducted their first graduation commencement. The total of 78 students graduated from 5 different departments: Accounting, e- Commerce and Information Management from Business College, Civil, Environment and Petroleum from Engineering College. Student’s families, friends, university shareholders along with a number of Sulaimani city’s officials made the day extraordinary for the graduate students.   

After the welcoming speech and a moment of silent as appreciation for the former Iraqi President, Mr. Jalal Talabani and Kurdistan’s martyrs, the ceremony opening with the speech of the University President (Dr. Salah Aziz). He highlighted that his dream always was to have a high quality education system in Kurdistan, thus since 2006 he continuously worked in order to get the official approval and financial support for his project. As he stated, “Today with the first group of graduate students of 78 students 33 of them already has job, and some others have their own private business, I fulfilled his dream.” Hence, he had submitted his resignation to the Board of Trustees. 

 Dr. Kamal Towfeq as a keynote speaker from Florida State University emphasized the importance of choosing the right path for their future and the importance of the Knowledge, Science and Ethics that they have taken from the university. Dr. Towfeq stated, “Luckily, Komar University of Science and Technology has already prepared you for all of these options. If you choose to go further with your postgraduate, the curricula that you studied at Komar will allow you a smooth transition to any international university.  Komar University has chosen to adopt the American System of higher education in all of its programs. This system is recognized by all universities and institutions around the world”.    

Roza Shorsh Ali the top GPA university student gave her speech. She advises her fellow graduate students by stating, “A university degree is a wonderful tool in this world, one that opens many doors of opportunity. With everything that is going on in Kurdistan now and has been going on for the past few years, it may difficult to look forward to the future and be optimistic, but let us all take this personal success as an example of how anything is truly possible when we put our minds to it”.

The ceremony was concluded with the President Dr. Aziz and the departments’ chairpersons awarding graduate students with Diploma (Bachelor of Science degree in their specialty). 

KUST Students Vision

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OSAR news KUST Students Vision

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