Frequently Asked Questions

1- is Komar an accredited university ?

Komar is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Baghdad and Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Komar Follows the Ministry of Higher Education guidelines. 

2-How is the admission process in Komar and when does the admission begin ? 

The admission process begins after the Ministry of Higher Education publishes the admission instructions for private universities. The admission process for fall term begins from July or August and ends in December. The summer term admission begins in January of the next year and ends in February. 

3- How is the education system in Komar?

A/ Komar is based on the American universities system which uses a semester system. This means 1 year of studying consists of two semesters, spring and fall semester. We also offer a summer semester which is optional and students can take it in order to graduate earlier.

4- Does a student have to take an english program for 1 year?

No, the students do not have to study for 1 year in order to get into the academic program. The students have to take an english placement test called (Oxford Online Placement Test) to determine their english language level.

The english placement test is out of 120 

0-39 Level 1 

40-79 Level 2

Above 80 is a pass and the student does not have to take the english program and go directly to the academic program.

5- Does the tuition fee for the academic program also covers the English language Program?

The fee for the english language program is separate from the academic program fees. 

6- How much does it cost to study at Komar?

The tuition fees are posted on our website please click this link to view it.

7- If I have a different english language certificate will I be able to not take the placement test?

The Students do not have to do the placement test if they have other english language certificates with the score mentioned in the table below

IELTS                                6.5 ^

TOEFL (Computer)       58 ^

TOEFL  (Paper)          550 ^

TOEIC                             550 ^

8- Can I apply Komar if I have one course left in 12th grade? 

The Students can register for an english language program called (KPDI) while studying for the course left in 12th grade. After Completing 12th grade, the student can apply for Komar. 

9- What happens if I fail the 10 week english program?

The university will offer a second chance exam to those students free of charge so the students can make up for it and pass the level. If the student fails, the whole english level has to be repeated.

10- Can a student transfer from a university to Komar? If so what are the requirements ?

Yes you can transfer. The transfer period starts from July to October. The requirements are based on ministry of higher education guidelines. The requirements for the university are the english placement test and completing the english programs based on the student english level.

11- I applied last year but I did not attend the university, will I have a higher chance to get accepted if I apply this year ? 

No, the student will be considered as a current year student. 

12- Will I be accepted if I don’t meet one of the university’s admission requirements. For example if I apply for MLS having 70% average but 56% in biology? Will I be eligible ?

No, you have to meet all the ministry of higher education requirements in order to be accepted in Komar university.    

13- Is the tuition fee paid in cash or it can be paid in installments? 

When a student gets accepted in Komar, the students have to pay the first installment. Each department has different fees. Then the students can pay the remaining fee in several installments. 

The tuition is divided into 7 installments in a year. The installment is paid in the following way:

Fall Term: 3 Instalments (first Installment in the beginning of the semester, second instalment before the midterm exam, and third Instalment in the end of the semester).

Spring Term: 3 Instalments (first Installment in the beginning of the semester, second instalment before the midterm exam, and third Instalment in the end of the semester ).

Summer Term: 1 Instalment.

14-Can apply for Komar if I completed my high school in abroad?

Yes, the students can apply but first they have to translate their transcript in the ministry of higher education in Erbil city.

15- Can the students from international schools like Medes or Choueifat apply to Komar?

The admission requirements for the students from international schools are regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education guidelines. The requirements are based on GPA  and SAT scores or IGCSE scores.

16- is the Komar graduation certification recognized in Europe or other countries?

Yes, the Komar students can study abroad for their post graduate programs. Our students have applied for other countries like(Turkey,Poland,UK,Luxembourg) without having any issues.